Buying vegetables (sabziyan khareedna role-play)

Sabziwala: What do you want? ( use: चाहिए) 

Me: I want two kilos of eggplants and five kilos of potatoes. 

Me:  How much (कितने का) are eggplant and potatoes?

Sabziwala: eggplant is 50 (पचास) rupees per kilo and potato is 20 (बीस) rupees per kilo. 

Me: It is a little expensive (थोड़ा महँगा). 

Sabziwala: No, it’s fine price (दाम). Do you want it?

Me: Yes, give (दो/दीजिए) me two kilos of eggplant and five kilos of potatoes. 

Sabziwala: They are very fresh (ताजे). 

Me: Yes, but very expensive also. 

Sabziwala: My vegetables are excellent in this market. 




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