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1.1 Finding the Way 0

1.1 Finding the Way

1.1 Finding the Way   Read this scenario and compare it with the translation. After that plan to do the role-play activity with the partner.     In this role-play, one student is a tourist...

Buying vegetables (sabziyan khareedna role-play) 0

Buying vegetables (sabziyan khareedna role-play)

Sabziwala: What do you want? ( use: चाहिए)  Me: I want two kilos of eggplants and five kilos of potatoes.  Me:  How much (कितने का) are eggplant and potatoes? Sabziwala: eggplant is 50 (पचास)...

Daily routine 0

Daily routine

You can follow this role-play.   आप रोज़ क्या करते हैं? I wake up at 6 am. then I make my breakfast and eat breakfast at 8 am. I go to college in the afternoon. I usually...