The present continuous/The progressive aspect


The present continuous

Sub+ object + verb stem + रहा/रहे/रही(agrees with the subject in number and gender)+ हूँ/है/हो/हैं (It also agrees with the subject in number and person).

Example- I am eating.

मैं खा रहा हूँ.

Let’s try yourself.

  1. I am making tea. (female)
  2. I am eating samosa.(male)
  3. She is writing a book.
  4. He is laughing at me.
  5. We are playing.
  6. You are watching a movie. (Tum)
  7. You are drinking tea. (Tu)
  8. You are cooking food. (aap)
  9. They are playing guitar. (close)
  10. They are listening to the song. (far)


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