Commands in Hindi

Let’s try (Write in Hindi in complete sentences.)

Casual/informal commands

Example: Don’t eat mango. तुम आम मत खाओ। or आम मत खाओ।

Don’t laugh at me. (हँसना)

Don’t laugh.

Don’t play outside. (खेलना)

Don’t eat guava in the morning. (खाना)

Shower in the morning. (नहाना)

Formal/polite commands

Example: आप आइए. Please come. आप देखिए। Please see/watch

Please don’t smoke. (सिगरेट पीना)

Please write in the book. (लिखना)

Please buy a shirt. (ख़रीदना)

Please visit Delhi. (घूमना)

Please sleep at 10 pm. (10 बजे सोना)

Please bring a book for me. (लाना)

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