Future tense (Plurals)

Future tense


You will eat.

You will sleep.

You will write.

You will go.

We will watch.

We will eat.

They will read the book.

They will bring vegetables.

Let’s try

You will read Sanskrit next week. (तुम male)

You will not make food every day. (तुम female)

You will make a poster for this class. (आप male)

You will wash clothes every night. (आप female)

They will clean the room every morning. (female)

They will sleep on time. (Male)

They will play guitar next month. (Female)

We will do our homework every day. (Female)

We will not watch TV every week. (Male)

We will not sit on the dirty chair. (Male)

We will not make food for you. (Male)

We will not go out in dark. (Female)

We will not sing in front of you. (Male)

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