How, How many, How much in Hindi


Mas. Sin. कैसा/ Mas. Plural कैसे

Fem. Sin.कैसी/ Fem. Pluralकैसी


How are you? तू कैसा है?

How are you? तू कैसी है?

How are you? तुम कैसे हो?

How are you? तुम कैसी हो?

How are you? आप कैसे हैं?

How are you? आप कैसी हैं?

How is the mango? आम कैसा है?

How is the home? घर कैसा है?


How much/how many

Mas. Sin.कितना/ Mas. Plural कितने

Fem. Sin. कितनी/Fem. Plural कितनी

How many students are in the room? कितने विद्यार्थी कमरे में हैं?

How much milk is in the bottle? बोतल में कितना दूध है?


Let’s try


How is the home?

How is the boy?

How is the girl?

How is the food?

How is the newspaper?

How is New York?


How much

How much food is in the store?

How much money is on the table?

How much water is in the class?

How much juice is in the cup?

How much food is on the table?


How many

How many books are on the table?

How many papers are in the folder?

How many people are in the room?

How many girls are in the classroom?

How many boys are in the classroom?

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