Role-play ordering food at the restaurant

Ordering food – role-play 


A- Please come, Please sit.             (Aaiye, baithiye) 

B- What do you want?/What would you like to have?  (Aapko kya chahiye?)

A- I want (would like) water first. (mujhe pahle paani chahiye)

B- What do you like in food? (khaane me)

A- I would like daal, chawal, and vegetables. 

B- Do you want butter naan?

A- No, I would like garlic naan.

B-How was the food?

A- Food was good. I like daal very much. 

B-Would you like more daal? 

A- No, I don’t want. 

B- your bill sir/madam

A-What is this 50 rs? (pachaas rupay)

B-It is GST. 

A- What? It is too much. 

B- Yes, it is. 

A- Here is the money. 

B- Enjoy sir/madam (maze karo) 

A-Thank you.



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