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Best Bollywood movies बॉलीवुड की सर्वश्रेष्ठ फ़िल्में

All-time hit Bollywood movies1. Mughal-e-azam मुग़लेआज़म2. Guide गाइड3. Sholey शोले4. Jewel thief  ज्वैलथीफ5. Deewar दीवार6. Dilwale Dulhania le jaayenge दिलवाले दुल्हनिया ले जाएंगे7. Kabhi khushi kabhi gam. कभी ख़ुशी कभी गम8. Om Shanti Om...


Best Hindi Advertisement (daughters power) Thank you for uploading this video Here is one advertisement that brings smile on your face. Watch it few times. Here is the few words you will encounter. Gurdeep Singh and daughters ज़ोर-शोर...


Best Hindi Advertisement (McDonald)

Dear Video up-loader: Thank you for uploading this video. All copyrights are yours for this video. McDonald’s is far nicer in India than in the US. People love Aloo Tikki because of the vegetarian...


Hindi advertisement (tea)

Mother-in-law has lots of expectations from the daughter-in-law. One of them is making every one happy. When the girl serves tea according to the boy’s mother’s taste. The son asks “Is it not good?”...


Hindi advertisement (jewelry)

Indian woman loves jewelry. They want more and more. Enjoy! Glossary: मनाना to celebrate प्यार love दिखाना  to show उम्र age रिश्ता relation    

Hindi song (mera joota hai jaapaani) 0

Hindi song (mera joota hai jaapaani)

This is very famous Hindi song from the movie Shree 420 Sing this song मेरा जूता है जापानी My shoe is Japani. ये पतलून इंगलिश्तानी These pants English सिर पर(पे) लाल टोपी रूसी On...


Hindi song (Ye tera ghar ye mera ghar) (Part 1)

  Ye tera ghar ye mera ghar from the movie “Saath Saath” यह तेरा घर, यह मेरा घर किसी को देखना हो गर तो पहले आके माँग ले तेरी नज़र मेरी नज़र यह घर...

Hindi song (Teri meri prem kahani) 0

Hindi song (Teri meri prem kahani)

Movie name is Bodyguard. Enjoy this song. तेरी-मेरी, मेरी-तेरी प्रेम (love) कहानी है मुश्किल (difficult) दो लफ़्ज़ों (words) में ये बयाँ (describe) न हो पाए. इक लड़का और इक लड़की की ये कहानी है...