Who, whose, someone, somebody’s

कौन who

यहाँ कौन है? Who is here?

किसका/किसके/किसकी/किसकी whose (who’s)

किसकी किताब यहाँ है? Whose book is here?

कोई somebody, someone, anyone

कोई यहाँ है। somebody is here.

किसी का नाम रमन है। somebody’s name is Raman.


Let’s try


Who is your friend? (दोस्त)

Who is your teacher? (शिक्षक)

Who is my friend?

Who is our teacher?

Who is in my room?



Whose book is blue?

Whose room is green?

Whose name is Raman?

Whose window is black?

Whose book is it?



Somebody is here.

Somebody is in the room.

Someone is my friend.

Someone is my teacher.

Someone is there.



Somebody’s book is here.

Somebody’s mango is red.

Somebody’s room is big.

Somebody’s home is big.

Someone’s friend is here.

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