Meeting and Greeting

Introduce yourself. 


What is your name? My name is ______

aapka naam kyaa hai?                 Meraa naam _Kusum__hai. 


How are you? I am fine. 

Aap kaise hai^? (male) 

Aap Kaisee hai^? (female)                   Mai^ Theek hoo^. 


Where are you from? I am from _________

aap kahaa^ se hai^?                      Mai^ _Delhi__se hoo^. 


What do you like? I like _________

Aapko kyaa pasand hai?                Mujhe _chai_pasand hai. 


What do you study? I study ________. 

Aap kyaa paDhte/paDhti hai^?     Mai^ _Hindi__PaDhtaa hoo^. 

Aap kyaa paDhti hai^?                    Mai^__Science___paDhti hoo^. 


Nice to meet/see you. Mee too. 

Aapse Milke khushi hui.                 Mujhe bhi.



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