Situation# 1 Forgot your wallet at home

You ate food at the restaurant then you realize that you forgot your wallet at home and you have no money to pay.


A: I would like (want) paneer masala and two garlic naan.

B: We have the best food.

A: Okay. Bring one mango lassi too.

B: How is the food?

A: Excellent.

B: Here is your bill.

( Looking for his/her wallet.)

A: I think I forgot my wallet at home.

B: Sir/Madam Please pay now.

A: But I don’t have my purse.

B: Then

A: Then what?

B: You can’t go without paying.

A: Okay! I will come (vaapas aaungaa/aaungi) back in one hour and pay (paise dungi/dunga).

B: No, you can’t go (nahi jaa sakte). I don’t know if you will come (aaoge) back.

A: Trust me (yakeen karo). I will.(main aaungaa/gi)

B: Give me your car keys(chaabhi). Then go.

A: How will I go (jaaungaa) if I don’t have a car?

B: I don’t know. give me your watch (ghadi) then.

A: Okay, take it (le lo) .

After a while (kuch der baad)

B: You came back.

A: yes, here is your money. Where is my watch?

B: I have sold your watch (maine ghadi bech di).

A: What????


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