The emphatic ही


The emphatic ही


Only I am intelligent. मैं ही होशियार हूँ ।

I read book only on Mondays. मैं सोमवार को ही किताब पढ़ती हूँ ।

Only I do yoga every day. मैं ही रोज़ योगा करती हूँ ।

She does yoga only on Mondays. वह सोमवार को ही योगा करती है ।


With pronouns

मुझ +ही =मुझी only me/only me

तुझ + ही =तुझी you only

यह + ही =यही This only

वह + ही =वही That only

इस + ही =इसी postposition + this only

उस + ही =उसी postposition + that only

हम +ही =हमीं We only

तुम + ही = तुम्हीं you only

इन + ही =इन्हीं These/they only

उन + ही =उन्हीं Those/they only

With adverbs

यहाँ + ही =यहीं right here

वहाँ +ही =वहीं right there

अब +ही =अभी right now

सब + ही =सभी all

Let’s try

I should speak Hindi only.

Only I should speak Hindi.

She should only buy two sarees every month.

Only She should buy two sarees every month.

They only speak pure Hindi.

Only they speak pure Hindi.

I think about you only.

Only I think about you.

We like your food only.

Only we live your food.

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