कोई and किसी

कोई somebody, someone, anyone, any

किसी + postposition = somebody’s किसी का/की/के , to somebody किसी को , from somebody किसी से , with somebody किसी के साथ , for somebody किसी के लिए , on somebody किसी पर , in somebody किसी में . 


someone is here.

कोई यहाँ है।

somebody is doing my work.

कोई मेरा काम कर रहा है।

Do you have any book?

क्या आपके पास कोई किताब है?


Let’s try

Someone comes in my dream.

Somebody does my HW.

Somebody watches movies every day.

Somebody was in my room last year.

Do you have any home?

Do you have any chair?

Do you have any friend?

Do you have any office?

Do you have any question?

Do you have any picture?

Somebody’s book is red.

I like somebody.

I love somebody.

I don’t love anybody.

I asked somebody.

I give my book somebody.

Monkey eats somebody’s food.

Somebody’s home is beautiful.


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