Possession in Hindi (का, के,की)

Substitution drill

Replace the home with the words given below.
क्या यह आपका घर है? Is this your home?

  1. Class कक्षा
  2. Shoes जूते
  3. Big chair बड़ी कुर्सी/कुरसी
  4. Sister बहन
  5. Brother भाई
  6. Clothes कपड़े
  7. Question सवाल
  8. Correct answer सही जवाब
  9. Shop दुकान

Drill 2

Replace the table with the words below.

This is Ram’s table.
यह राम की मेज़ है.

  1. Big office बड़ा दफ़्तर
  2. Cheap chairs सस्ती कुर्सी
  3. Expensive shirts महँगी क़मीज़ें
  4. Good clothes अच्छे कपड़े
  5. Questions सवाल
  6. Expensive books महँगी किताबें
  7. Room कमरे
  8. Small shop छोटी दुकान
  9. Big home बड़ा घर
  10. Correct answer सही जवाब

Translate these questions into Hindi then write your answer.

  1. Do you have the Hindi book?
  2. Do you have a blue shirt?
  3. Does she have food?
  4. Does he have a cycle?


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