Chahiye-need चाहिए

Chahiye चाहिए -need

Formation       Sub+ko+object+chahiye(चाहिए)

मुझे खाना चाहिए.

I need food.

Singular Plural
मैं+को =मुझे/मुझको तुम+को = तुमको/तुम्हें
तू +को =तुझे/तुझको आप+को=आपको
वह+को = उसको हम+को= हमको/हमें
यह+को = इसको वे+को=उन्हें/उनको

Let’s try and write your answers in the box below. 

  1. I need a picture.
  2. She needs a mango.
  3. They need a book.
  4. We need ginger tea.
  5. He needs food.
  6. You (तुम) need a red chair.
  7. You (आप) need the home.
  8. You (तू) need a green door.
  9. Those boys need white tables.
  10. These girls need yellow windows.

Write the things you need for your trip to India. Please write in complete sentences.

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